Change Is Good.


An updated kitchen with new appliances can increase your property value. Old Towne Design Build offers clients quality materials and products that is built for the future. 


Curb appeal is the first thing people notice when they are looking for a home. Old Towne Design Build works with clients to create a fresh new look with new paint, doors, siding, and lighting to help your property stand out.


No matter the size or the space for a bathroom, Old Towne Design can help clients make the best use of the space so that the layout and design is functional and appealing. 



One of the things that stands out in a room is the flooring. We assist clients with selecting the product and materials that will make a statement.

When families think of gatherings it most often starts in the kitchen. Some of the fondest memories people have is where meals are prepared. A warm, cozy, clean, and inviting kitchen can bring joy to the family. A new kitchen can increase the value of your home. Old Towne Design Build offers clients a wide variety of custom cabinetry, flooring, and back-splashes to compliment the kitchen of your dreams.


Old Towne Design Build can make use of every nook and crannies.


Our clients have many options for high end, quality, and sturdy appliances.


custom cabinetry, quality countertops, and modern fixtures

Statistics show that many people when purchasing a home factor in the the kitchen and bathrooms. Homes with new or updated bathrooms are more appealing to buyers. Not to mention, it's usually where we go to start off our day. 

Old Towne Design Build helps client design a bathroom that suits the needs of the owners. Our firm offers clients products and materials that suits the size, layout, and design.



Old Towne Design Build can help clients reconfigure the bathroom for the best layout.


Custom showers and stalls to fit any space . Old Towne Design Build offers many selections on quality tiles, shower doors, and fixtures.